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Get a TACTICAL SKILLS GOLDMINE of Elite Warrior Techniques, Amazing Mind and Body STRENGTH SECRETS, and Discover YOUR True MARTIAL POWER!

Two Legendary Martial Artists Teamed Up to Show You How to Access The FORCE Behind The Power of All Martial Arts and Become Unstoppable! Adds Rocket-Fuel to your Skills!

You’ll Learn

(and How To Get It Out Of Your Life For Good)

You’ll learn how to Master the Mental ART OF VIOLENCE!

You’ll find out how to CONTROL Your Self and Others

How to DESTROY the Obstacles that are holding you back

And sharpen the most important WEAPONS you will ever have to a Razor’s Edge: The Mind & Body


Dear Friend,

I just had the most powerful experience of my life with two living legends of the Martial Arts, Mental Mastery, and Tactical Training worlds, Mike Gillette and Scott Bolan.

Black Belt Magazine called them “The Martial Power Team” and had them out to their studios in Los Angeles three times in the same year for filmed interviews and demonstrations due to this event – THAT is how groundbreaking and exciting these discoveries and teachings are!

The combining of these two powers and their lifetime of learnings to teach beginners and pros alike the Force BEHIND all Martial Arts Power was unprecedented and made Martial History.

“The Martial Power Team” is a name that fits perfectly, because I literally watched them transform a diverse group of people, from seasoned Black Belts and a Navy Combat Vet, to everyday people – into Killer Warriors.

It was amazing!

Secret Tactical Skills, Mental Warfare, Million-Dollar secrets, and the exact steps to Personal Mastery and CONQUERING FEAR were taught precisely and perfectly with step-by-step “how to” that was easy to understand.

Then I Saw Them Break Boards and Bend Steel

And then they taught everyone in the room to do it too!

In all my years of Martial Arts and Tactical Training, I have never seen anything like this in my life. I thought that was only stuff you see in Ninja movies or some kind of gimmick.

But to actually be shown how to do it for yourself? To discover the Mind/Body connection for making the impossible REAL?


If you think I’m kidding, you’re wrong. And I can prove it to you: The Martial Power Team let me film it so you can see it for your self.

Before I share all the details, let’s meet your trainers first:

Mike Gillette: One the most highly-certified Tactical Trainers in the United States, wrote the manual for the TSA and the DHS, Martial-Arts Hall-of-Famer, professional strongman (yes, he bends steel bars with his bare hands), and former professional bodyguard to the world’s wealthiest executives, as well as numerous celebrities that we are not allowed to name here (this is REAL, okay?).  Mike Gillette is the Author of the bestselling Savage Strength System, and is highly sought-after as an expert author, speaker and mind coach.

Since the recording of the Martial Power Secrets event, Mike Gillette went on to make history again by using the Mental practices he teaches to gain his place in the Guiness World Records with his own display!

This was documented on worldwide television and is now in the Guiness history books!

Scott Bolan:
A pioneer in martial arts and personal development, Scott Bolan is an acclaimed author, trainer and peak performance coach. Well-known for his powerful insights and dynamic teachings, through his seminars, books, articles, and audio and video programs, Scott Bolan reaches thousands of people each year. Scott has multiple Black Belts, Professional Certifications and Advanced Trainings, and he is the author of highly popular programs such as Mental Warfare Secrets, Martial Mastery, Warrior Meditation and Secrets of the Hagakure. Scott is also the creator and founder of the Complete Combat System.

Mike Gillette and Scott Bolan brought their unique training and talents together show you exactly how to become a Personal Powerhouse, Destroy Your Limitations and BECOME UNSTOPPABLE.

I’m talking about transformational skills development, where You will discover for yourself how to…

  • Break Boards and Bend Steel Bars with Your Bare Hands (For Information Purposes ONLY.)
  • Master your Body Language and Verbal Skills for DECISIVE VICTORY in any situation
  • Psych Profile: Know Almost Everything About Anyone in Seconds
  • Go after your goals without fear and achieve them, and get rid of the blocks that have been holding you back
  • How To Tell If Someone Is Lying
  • Isolate any body part or personal weakness and MAKE IT STRONG as you want!
  • How To Have Command Presence and Unstoppable Confidence
  • Practical and Effective Warrior Psychology and Real-word Skills
  • The 5 Components of Superior Strength (With them, you are strong. Without them, you are weak. It’s that simple)
  • How MENTAL ATTACK Works and How to Protect Yourself and control others as needed
  • How to Spot a Criminal in advance (this can SAVE YOUR LIFE)
  • Go after and Your Goals and get them like a Lion tackles a Gazelle! (money, relationships, etc)
  • The Elite Mastery State you MUST know to Dominate Any Situation (at home, at work, at war)
  • What really constitutes “Muscle” and how to develop it FAST!
  • How to De-stabilize your Opponent from the get-go
  • The 2 Master-Keys for acquiring any Tactical Skill
  • Nuclear Abs: how to get a washboard stomach lightning-fast and with less effort!

And that’s just a tiny amount of the powerful secrets you’ll discover in these DVDs.

Listen up, because this is the first time ever that Martial Arts have been combined with Advanced Mind-Power Skills in a live instruction by two of the world’s leading authorities.

YOU will be among the very first to get these skills. I’m talking about REAL SKILLS, and actually learning them for yourself on these all-new DVDs!

You could call it “your personal fire-walk.”

Many Ancient Cultures and Martial Traditions had rites of passage where the student’s mastery of self was forged in the fires of a transformational breakthrough with unbeatable skills development.

Sadly, That’s All But Disappeared in These Modern Pop-Culture Times of Sissy-Men and Political Correctness

Perhaps you can get it by training for years on a mountain-top somewhere, but that’s not realistic or possible for most of us.

Fortunately, you can take advantage of and Mike Gillette and Scott Bolan’s hard work and combined years of experience in Mind-Body Martial Technologies, to get these skills for your self.

Just Imagine your own private training with…

…A Bodyguard to the World’s WEALTHIEST Executives

… The Elite Mind Trainer who literally “wrote the book” on Mental Warfare

… One of the Most Dynamic, Controversial, Effective and Successful Figures in Martial Arts and Self-Development


… Multiple Black-Belt and Advanced Instructor Degree Holders

… A Man Who CRUSHES CONCRETE and MANGLES STEEL with his Bare Hands

“What?!” Did I just say that?

Yes, I did, because every word of it is true, and it only begins to describe Mike Gillette and Scott Bolan accurately.

They are as real as it gets, and thousands of wanna-be mind trainers, McDojo, sport MMA and retired SWAT instructors don’t even come close.

When they combined forces, they decided to let me film what would stand up as one of the very best Tactical Wisdom and Martial Mind and Body Power skills resources you can find anywhere. Period.

Here’s a look at what’s in some of the Martial Power Secrets DVDs!…

- The Secret of Intuition, and how to tap into it!

- Zanshin & Mushin: Anchoring Victory & The Samurai Mind

- Every Attack Exposed – physical, mental, and attacks on your identity and very being

- The Martial Triangle of Body, Mind and Spirit (what it really is, what it really means)

- A real-world example of mind control that you’ve seen MANY times (and didn’t know it until now)

- How Pavlovian Conditioning Works

- Your Advantage over 99% of the Population

- The Life Well-Lived and How To Get What You Want

- Bruce Lee’s Ultimate Secret of Self-Defense (source cited!)

- Reverse Energy Vacuum: How to Take Back Control!

- The Secret of the Sucker-Punch

- Energy Congruency and it’s manifestation of physical power

- What Congruency Really Is and How To Be Congruent

- 3 Steps to Personal Alignment and Integration

- The One Secret that qualifies a Master Trainer

- From FEAR to Power and Strength

- Life-Saving Tips from the VIP Bodyguard world

- Confidential: The Game Changer

- Blend in Anywhere: How to Conceal Yourself in Plain Sight

- How to read people’s purpose and intentions

- Command Authority: Body Language Secrets for Getting What You Want

- How Bad Guys REALLY think and work (this will blow your mind!)

- Whether spotting Danger in advance or defining your goals, DO THIS (and win)

- The one thing that ALWAYS Precedes an ATTACK

- The Amazing Secret of Effectiveness using the “Situational Personality”

- How to be at Peace and Confident when Facing VIOLENCE

- How to Energetically Repel Attackers

- Million Dollar info product secrets

- The Wealth Secret (how it is REALLY made!)

- Why people subconsciously avoid getting rich

- The 7-Step Path of Mastery

- How To Be Confident

- An Instant Method to Stop Being Nervous

- The #1 Secret to Success

- How To Radiate Power and Strength no matter your age or size.

- Every Attack is an Attack on Your _____ (Confidential, knowing this gives you an unfair advantage!)

- Stop Thieves of YOUR Potential

- The Secret of The Horse Stance and The Triangle

- Mind Fortress: a technique to stay rooted and strong whenever you need it

- Who Will Win? The Guy Who Has THIS

- The Samurai Mind Trick

- What FEAR Really is and a simple technique To Get Rid of it!

- Scott takes the group through Warrior Meditation (and a HUGE Combat Mind Secret!)

- An Eye Trick for Instant Influence

- Zanshin: Combat Readiness and Anchoring Victory

- The Secret of Attraction vs. Effort

- How To Maximize Your Potential

- Mike shares how a little guy had a HUGE convict frozen in Fear using THIS strategy

… and these are just a few highlights from the first 3 DVDs!

Just IMAGINE what you get in the full 10-DVD home study course!

Look: The bottom line is this…

If you want a wealth of Practical Tactical Knowledge
and more Personal Power this is for you.

Listen. If you knew the exact inner mind power tactics it takes for someone to break boards and bend steel, what else could you accomplish in your life?

And, what if you could do it by mastering your INNER GAME? What if this ability was ALREADY within you?

The truth is that while muscle, fitness, and fighting techniques are important, they are SECONDARY to the power of your “Martial Mind”

The same Martial Mind that lies within you untapped – right at this very moment.

So simple…yet so utterly POWERFUL! But in order to use it, you need to know how to access it.

That’s why we put these powerful materials together for you.

You get to see for yourself how almost anyone can tap into their own internal “Martial Power” with just a little guidance and a flip of the switch that opens the floodgates of the “impossible” and makes dreams and conquest a reality.

Once you access the power you already have within you, you may not only be able to project your will into boards and bars… but over ALL aspects of your life.

Listen. This is your chance to learn exactly how to command respect and authority over everything from the minds of others to IRON BARS.

And this is the ONLY place you’ll find this information! No one else is teaching this, because no one else knows it. You will be among the elite to have these powerful materials.

Order now and you can have the entire “Martial Power Summit” 10-DVD + MP3 CD home study course for only 297.00!


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It will not be offered again!


Because this information is just too darn valuable and was never intended for the public in the first place. It was only for an elite group at the event where this was recorded.

Mike and Scott poured everything they have – all of their combined years of training, knowledge, and expertise into Martial Power Secrets.

Order now and you’ll have this elite material as your own to keep forever!


Steve Richards

PS Many of the “how-to’s” you’ll find in this private home study course are so powerfully effective, they almost seem UNFAIR!

Order now and get ready to unleash YOUR Martial Power!


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The Martial Power Team are so confident you’ll LOVE and BE EMPOWERED with this material, they stand by it with a Rock-Solid no-hassle money-back guarantee.